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Luke Ashworth


Responsible for:
  • Overall Direction, Strategy & Execution
  • Project Management & Infosec
  • Finance, Accounts & Compliance
  • Category Owner - Brands and Partnerships
  • Journey Owner - Customer

Luke has been working at the “sales and tech coalface” of financial services since 2003. This his 3rd business; he previously founded one of the UK’s fastest growing online lead generators and one of the UK’s largest protection brokers. He also developed the strategy for some of the UK’s leading fintech businesses including Square Health, YuLife and Anorak.

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Alaskan Race Husky

We sponsor Ace, who is part of the “Smokin’ Ace” Dog Team based in Two Rivers, in the heart of Alaska’s Interior.

As a two year old she was part of the team that led owner Matt Hall to victory in the 2017 Yukon Quest. Now mum to some of the team’s rising stars, she still races regularly in long distance races throughout Alaska and Canada; including the world-famous Iditarod!

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