As my new start-up starts to take flight I thought I’d share some of my lessons from nearly 20 years of growing businesses, and how I’m applying them now. They’re taken from my free book which you can request here.


I know the “zoom life” has posed many challenges, but has anyone noticed just how efficient your business is these days compared to before COVID?

The difference for us is insane! 🚀

Much as it was terrifying at first trying to grow a new business through the pandemic, we’re certainly now seeing the benefits.

Without the travel back and forth alone it is saving so much time, and able to deliver so much more effectively for our clients.

For us, it’s meant a chance to use so many other great pieces of software, sometimes in slightly different ways than before, so that we can focus our time on making our software as good as it can be!

Some software examples…

  1. Google Sheets 

Shared with clients to replace meeting whiteboards, which also double up as good places to keep shared notes (saving everyone so much time!). Just do a tab for each meeting / call!

  1. Asana 

I used to often focus mainly on using it for tech, now using it for every part of our project planning cycle. Email really should be banned… 😂

  1. Calendly 

With multiple different meeting set ups / times this saves so much time. I think it should be the standard way to book meetings with each other.

  1. Whatsapp Voicenotes 

Instead of waiting for a call time for certain clients (data protection issues permitting of course!), we can go back and forth using voice notes. So much faster than typing to each other!

  1. Figma 

For online design collaboration, this tool is absolutely incredible. I’m not sure how we coped without it… 

  1. Trello 

For personal “to do” lists. For some reason, it works better for me than Asana for personal stuff.

  1. Lucidcharts 

This has been particularly useful for shared documents for outlining processes for Infosec (we’re ISO27001 accredited so especially important for all our process controls)

Perhaps we’ll just save the meetups now for celebratory beers with our clients once they’re so pleased with our service they want to take US out! 😂


Luke Ashworth is the founder of Adviser.ai. For more information on how to build a great protection business, request his free book, the 16 biggest mistakes protection distributors make.


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